Our Team Specialty
  • Emerging technology development
    • Combined 10+ major successful projects
    • Combined 200+ inventions
    • Combined 10+ startup’s and investments
  • We are specialized in emerging technology business development  in USA and Asia
    • China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan
    • Our team is well known in Asian countries
  • We are specialized in emerging technology businesses
    • Hardware + software + system
    • Proof-of- concept
    • Prototype
    • Packaging
  • We protect our investment by
    • Collection of our intellectual properties such as patents and IP M&A
    • Technology and skill transfer
    • Start up to IPO experience
Technology Incubator
  • We understand the progress of technology and what companies will need
    • We are deeply involved in the corporate network
    • We have an intense technology and market sensing network
    • We have a method of collecting the next big things: not simply guessing what will be – the corporations are telling us what they need
  • We have tightly managed technology developments and personally link to the company decision makers
    • We will focus technologies that will be marketable within 2 years
    • When our prototypes are complete, we can immediately transfer the technology
  • We protect our investment by
    • Short revenue cycle (6 month to 1 year)
    • Focus emerging technologies that are combined with hardware & software
    • Harvest transferrable intellectual properties
    • Market and license IPs
Unfair Business Advantages
  • Unique access: Asia businesses, Silicon Valley experts, corporate decision makers, and finance networks
  • Unmatched Talents: Emerging Technology Development Team
    • Experienced top innovators and inventors
    • Large IP assets which includes core patents
    • Product development via technology productization
    • Vest industry market intelligence
  • Relationships with R&D houses
    • Leverage other companies’ R&D houses
    • Create technology cheaper and faster
Why Imaging (RFID) Smart Credit Card?
  • The credit and identification card authentication relies on the static information stored in a magnetic stripe, embossed letter, signature, security code, holographic image, and photo of the card
    • Current authentication implementation relies on the identification card medium which is subject to loss and misuse.
  • The card cannot actively identify the card holder as the legitimate owner efficiently, since the card does not have any intelligence.
    • All the static information stored in the credit card (and other types of cards) is vulnerable to manipulation and duplication.
Why e4Tech Hub Credit Card Technology?
  • The credit card owner can be actively identified by adding biometric fingerprint information during the verification process. When a card is swiped by the user, the imaging sensor captures user fingerprints and transfers the corresponding image data to a verification system to match and track user fingerprint information. The fingerprint image is taken through the image sensor and integrated into the card’s customary user holding area.
  • The fingerprint image sensor comprises a flexible stripe sensor array for capturing analog fingerprint image, and the sensor array comprises a series of sensor elements arranged in a column-row format.
  • No card user behavior change or an additional action is needed for using this card. No physical changes to the card.
Competition: Dynamics
  • Products

a. Hidden: Part of card number is displayed when user puts PIN number

b. Multi-account: Choose which account number to use with magnetic manipulation

Why Our Technology is better over the Dynamics? (Main differences with our technology)
  • Battery
    • They must use battery for operation. Our technology relies on the external solar cell technology.
  • RFID, Backlight
    • Relying on battery for a credit card is not simple for many reasons.
  • Magnetic Stripe
    • Our technology does not rely on the actual magnetic tape. (We don’t need to swipe the card. We can make the reader to scan even when the card is held steady.) They program the magnetic tape first before use in short moment.
  • Display
    • Dynamic uses LED-like digit panel, which is not necessarily flexible to great extent, also uses active power. Our display is a passive device and requires not much power, and it is flexible.
  • Biometric Information
    • Activation when someone uses card, and we authenticate user by using biometrics.
      They don’t have this feature.
  • Data Loss
    • Protected from the financial data lost.
  • Future Technology
    • Our technology covers all mobile devices including the smart phone.
  • Patents: 27 patents are issued
    • Biometric RFID with active & dynamic information: Operation and authentication methods using biometric information
    • Application- and software-level description of dynamic bio RFID
    • RFID (contactless), Smart IC (contact)
    • Imaging sensor mechanism and operation methods for dynamic bio RFID
    • Dynamic passive biometric RFID interaction (or smart IC) method for sensor
    • Mechanism: IR/Light (photo), RF and capacitive (passive), Mechanical (passive)
    • Smart Phone Fingerprint Authentication
    • Dynamic magnetic stripe manipulation
  • Prototype:
    • Biometric Sensor Prototype is being developed by PARC, a Xerox Silicon Valley R&D company.
  • Business Engagement:
    • Discussions with Master Card and American Express were being held.
Potential Customers
  • Card Services, Banks & Department Stores Cards
    • Wal-Mart, Sears, Best Buy, Macy, etc
    • Bank cards, Cash card, Debit card, etc
    • AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, JCB, etc
  • Security
    • National ID cards, Airport personnel, FBI, CIA (replace security tokens)
  • Smart Phones, Mobile Devices
    • Simply touch the phone next to an NFC
  • On-Line Payment Services
    • Pay-pal, any remote payment systems
    • On-line commerce companies (e.g. e-Bay)
Intellectual Property
  • 27 USA Patents
    • Mobile Security
    • M2M Communication
    • Machine to the smart card
    • On-Line Payment Services
    • TFT Technology Thin Film
    • Biometric Sensors